Angela Chvarak

I love you, I know

From mile-high airplane daydreams to yoga and Eastern aesthetics, Angela Chvarak draws constant artistic influence from her surroundings. Her ethereal paintings depict cities, landscapes, music, and abstract forms that exist from within.

Growing up in Myrtle Beach, S.C., in a household of Korean women and one big, American dad, her tendency to turn class projects into after-hours art installments at home belied her creative destiny. A visual arts major at Clemson University, Chvarak’s Korean heritage lends itself to her aesthetic choices. She hopes to contribute a therapeutic sense of calm and happiness for those who interact with her work. Whatever makes her paintbrush flow across canvas, creating visually and emotionally pleasing art for any being, works fine for her. When Chvarak is painting, there is music playing.

Chvarak lives in a cozy studio apartment in downtown Charleston, keeping her paint supply stocked through work in the F&B world. She’s active in the Lowcountry art scene, with her works exhibited in various locations, Eye Level Art, Kulture Klash, and with the art collective, Fr3sh.

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the heArt attack – ANGELA CHVARAK from Justin Nathanson on Vimeo.