You are invited to The HeArt Attack on October 15, 2011 at 8pm!

Erin Glaze and Justin Nathanson present The HeArt Attack, a contemporary art exhibition benefiting The American Heart Association – while celebrating the union of two hearts, on Saturday, October 15, 2011 at 103 Spring Street from 8-11PM. The HeArt Attack is admission free and open to the public, with a suggested donation of $10 to support the efforts of the American Heart Association.

The HeArt Attack Vimeo Video Channel

The HeArt Attack Vimeo Video Channel

Erin and Justin have invited over thirty artists to create artwork on love and/or the heart. These artists have graciously agreed to donate a percentage of artwork sales to the American Heart Association. The artists are as follows: Angela Chvarak, Benjamin Hollingsworth, Ben Timpson, Chuck Keppler, David Boatwright, Dorothy Netherland, Emma Rebecca Glaze, Haley Frano, Hirona Matsuda, JB Boyd, Jesse Berger, Jonathan Brilliant, Karen Ann Myers, Karen Silvestro, Kristy Bishop, Larry Nathanson, Lisa Shimko, Lynne Riding, Megan Aline, Melinda Mead, Nina Garner, Rebecca Glaze, Robert Lange, Sally King Benedict, Sarah Frierson, Tate Nation, Tiffany Lippincott Timpson, Timothy Pakron, Tim Hussey, and Tina Christophillis.

Erin and Justin will be wed earlier that day, and are inviting all of you to come to The HeArt Attack opening reception to celebrate love and life with them. There will be live performances by The Local Honeys and The Shaniqua Brown along with a sweets bar and specialty drink bar. This event gives Erin and Justin the opportunity to share their passion for art, love, and to educate and raise funds for heart health!

Why the American Heart Association? With the heart being the universal symbol for love and life, this event will raise heart health awareness and commemorate the life of Erin’s grandfather Charles Edward “Papa” Tanner who suffered a heart attack this year and after enduring quintuple bypass surgery passed away in April. He is greatly missed, especially during this exciting and special time.

*Homepage photography by Ashley Wood.